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10 Steps to Open

10 Steps to open bb.q Chicken

We believe that the franchise business is an education business, and we are committed to providing best-in-class support to all our franchise owners

Now, we are looking for qualified franchisees who are interested in becoming a successful bb.q Chicken Owner!Comprehensive training and assistance, both before you open and once your restaurant is operational, including guidance on receipt and storage of all food items, food preparation techniques to ensure freshness and proper hygiene, as well as general business management and supervision procedures.

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Send us Your General Information
Tell us a little about who you are and why you are interested in bb.q Chicken franchise.
Discovery Call
Have a better understanding of each other by asking and answering a few basic questions
Application Form
Fill out the application form in more details including background, experience, financial status etc.
In-Person Interview
Let’s have a chat based on all the information you provided.
Our Approval
One or two weeks after interview, only qualified applicant will be notified via E-mail.
Market Research
Find a perfect location to start bb.q Chicken store with our professional team and agent partners.
Franchise Disclosure Document
Disclose franchisor’s information, policy, background, business status, estimated investment – everything you need to know before signing Franchise Agreement.
Franchise Agreement
By signing Franchise Agreement, you will officially be a bb.q Chicken Franchisee for 10 years term with our greatest and warmest support.
Onsite Construction or Renovation
Based on the market research, we design your store including floor plan, kitchen layout, interior and exterior concept, décor and colour schemes, and start to build up.
Head Office Training
No experience? No Worries! Our operating specialists will provide you a proper training from head to toe in order for you to run and operate your bb.q Chicken store smoothly.
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10 Steps to Open bb.q Chicken