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It’s not barbecue

The Best K-Chicken In Your Town

It’s Best of the Best Quality
Authentic Korean Chicken Brand
Our vision is to make people healthy, happy, and pleased by creating the world’s most delicious chicken. To become the world’s best “BBQ” occurs a misunderstanding in English language culture in the middle of the Globalization of BBQ.

To solve this misunderstanding we asked William Bevington who is the world’s leading information designer and the chair-professor of Parsons University, which is the top design school in the world, in the USA. The result ‘bb.q’ was born through the 3 years of research and development and the most satisfied output through the 40 years of the designer’s life.

Changing “BBQ” to “bbq” based on the golden rate design rule, completing harmonious “BBQ’s philosophy” by reversing “b” to “9”. Adding a dot makes ‘a small dot makes a very big difference’ that starts to completely change towards “The world’s largest and best franchise group, the world’s 1st company, millennium corporation GENESIS BBQ”.
Mission & Vision
Our vision is to make people healthy, happy, and pleased by creating the world’s most delicious chicken. To become the world’s best franchise group, by consistently delivering great tasting food and top of the line services to loyal customers around the globe. Our philosophy focused on the customer in order to undertake the customer’s health, and happiness. We are trying our best chicken in the world to the people all over the world and make a success story to our customers, partners, and bb.q franchisees. Now, bb.q Chicken’s goal is to operate 50,000 franchise stores around the world by 2025.
Hello, I’m Chibboq! Mascot of bbq chicken!

My father always wanted to be a businessman who makes people’s life comfortable and happy. Through this, the philosophy of bb.q Chicken is “Take customer’s life and happiness as a top priority.”

I hope this philosophy applies at all of bb.q Chicken stores in Canada.
Delicious Story of Bb.q Chicken



Launched the 1st BBQ Chicken Store

Establishment of Genesis BBQ Group


BB.Q Chicken Store #100

We opened the 100th store of BB.Q Chicken



BB.Q Chicken Store #1000

What a monument establishment! We opened our 1000th store. Let’s celebrate!



Chicken University

We opened the first Chicken University in South Korea

2003 – 2013

Global Business Strategy

Beginning of Global Business in China following by Spain, Japan, Vietnam, Mongol, Singapore, Philippine, USA, Turkey, Fiji, Cambodia, Brazil, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, Myanmar


Entry Into Japan

We entered Japan by brand swapping with the Watami Group


Ranked – Most Satisfied Chicken

We were ranked at the most satisfied chicken brand for Youke.


New York Manhattan Store

We opened our store in USA New York Manhattan 32nd Street!


500 Stores – 57 Countries

We have a total of 500 BB.Q Chicken stores in 57 different countries!


Canada – Here We Come!

Our first entry into the Canadian territories


H-Mart – Richmond, BC

We opened our express-typed stores inside H-Mart in Richmond, BC.


First BB.Q Chicken in British Columbia, Ontario, and Alberta

Finally our first opening in
– Coquitlam, BC
– North York, ON
– Calgary, AB


lemon business


Introducing a brand new business model!


Top 500

The Restaurant News selected us as top 500 fastest growing restaurant chains


Beijing Olympics Sponsorships


Top 500 Biggest Chains

We were selected as the top5000 biggest chains in America

We are excited to announce Our first retail product

Our signature sauce is unique – the flavor melds and changes depending on which menu offering it’s accompanying.
Whether it’s the savory taste of an Chicken, Shrimp or any Fried bites 👏

We are excited for our guests to discover their own favorite combinations.

Online marketplace, bb.q mobile App, in-store are our first destinations and
we will expand our series of bottled sauces and retail products.