[World Cup]Go to around 16! Golden Fried Chicken $16 ! online-order only
Our new location Danforth Ontario open! Place an order 416 461 5666
[BC] Granville, the 1st Heliocity store will be open in December! 🛸

Get free Cheeseball!

👉🏻From Oct.1 to Oct. 31 (AB & BC ONLY)👈🏻
*This event may end sooner depending on the supply.

🧾Order 1️⃣ box of Chicken ( Bone-in/Boneless/ Wings) You will get 1️⃣ pack of Cheese Balls (6 pcs) [Choose 1 flavour from Original🧀/ Sweetpotato🍠/Chocolate 🍫]

⚠️ ONLY for [Dine-in | To-Go | Website Ordering]

🙅🏻‍♀️NO Delivery APP orders. ❌

We are announcing an early termination of our ‘Free Cheese Balls’ promo 🙁
Thanks to you, we have reached over 3,000 customers just in a few days!
We will be back with another great promotion for you guys, so stay tuned!

‘Free Cheese Balls’ Promotion Last Day: 2022 Oct 6th