The Top bb.q Chicken Menu Items Of 2020

We had so much love and supports in 2020 ever since bb.q Chicken opened in 2019. I would like to introduce the top bb.q Chicken menu item of 2020 bb.q Chicken in Canada.

Cheesling Chicken

A mild taste of powdered mixed cheese that has a lightly sweet and cheesy flavor!

Cheesling Chicken is crispy fried chicken with mascarpone and cheddar cheese powder on top of fried chicken. If you don’t like spicy food, Cheesling Chicken is absolutely the best choice to try.

Golden Fried Chicken

Golden Fried Chicken is bb.q’s signature menu item.  I dare say, it’s the best fried chicken all around the world. If you already tried our fried chicken, you will come back for moreee! 

Cheese Balls

It’s my all time favorite menu item that I always order with the chicken. I highly recommend to try with our spicy Dduk Bokki!

It’s the best!

bbq chicken wings
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