2 new bb.q Chicken locations opening in Calgary

As we have received lots of love from the customers in Calgary, bb.q Chicken Downtown West and bb.q Chicken Beltline are opening soon following with bb.q Chicken Stampede, and Midnapore. bb.q Chicken is going to introduce new bb.q Chicken casual dining restaurant concept called “bb.q Chicken Lemon” by opening bb.q Chicken Downtown West location.

Check out bb.q Chicken location in Calgary:

In bb.q Chicken Lemon, where Downtown West will really shine is the menu item with bb.q’s unique flavors. We are not only serving a dozen of varieties of chicken, including Cheesling Chicken, Gangjeong Chicken and Honey Garlic Chicken, and also going to introduce new menu items such as Lemon Cheesling Chicken, Rose Dduk-Bokki, Chicken with Waffle menu items, and fresh fruit sparkling drinks and more. Most importantly, we will serve an uniquely-made cocktails and drink that you can only find at bb.q Chicken Downtown West location. Our operation team aims to open in January, 2021.

Two new bb.q Chicken locations:

Whereas, bb.q Chicken Beltline is located in the area where immediately to the south of Calgary’s downtown. The patio in bb.q Chicken Beltline will be the one of your favorite spot to visit in Downtown, Calgary.



We will keep you updated with opening date, and more! 


So, please stay tuned!📺

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